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Domestic Oven Cleaning

Extreme care is guaranteed, to ensure that every part of your appliance is valeted with the highest attention to detail. Ensuring a full deep oven clean, removing fat, grease and burnt-on carbon from your appliance using effective, eco-friendly and fume free cleaning products, leaving your appliance shiny and spotless.
For more details on this, please check 'The Cleaning Process' page.

It's important to us that we provide an accurate quote. If you are unsure what type appliance you have, just ask when you call.
Standard width double ovens consist of one main oven and a smaller grill section above. (Width approximately 60cm)
Range style double ovens usually have at least two ovens side by side. (Width approximately 110cm)

Please note that most cookers take around three hours to clean; range-style ovens, including AGA™ and Rayburn™ models will take longer.

Price List

Standard Width Cookers

  • Single Door Oven: £55.00
  • Double Door Oven: £65.00
  • Hobs (4 Rings/Burners): £20.00
  • Hobs (Ceramic/Halogen/Glass): £5.00


Rangestyle Cookers

  • Single Door Range: £80.00*
  • Two Door Range: £90.00*
  • Three or Four Door Range: £100.00*
  • Hobs (5 or 6 Rings/Burners): £30.00
  • Hobs (Ceramic/Halogen/Glass): £10.00


AGA's and simular style Ranges

  • AGA’s, Rayburns, Refires, Stanleys, etc, with 2 ovens: £120.00
  • Larger AGA’s with 3+ ovens: £140.00

Hobs and the outer flue are included when cleaning AGA's and simular style ranges. We use a specialised, professional steamer and polish to a high shine.


  • Standard Extractors: £20.00
  • Rangestyle Extractors: £30.00

Includes replacement of the primary filter,
as well as making it shine like new.


  • Standard Microwave: £20.00
  • Combi Microwave: £30.00


  • BBQ’s from £50.00

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries.

  • ALL our work is fully insured
  • Minimum charge of £50.00 applies in all cases
  • All prices are as stated in full: VAT exempt.
  • * Prices may vary depending on make/brand of Range.


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